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Play Therapy

Ages 3-10

Children are not little adults.  Children are children.  Their brains are still developing and they are still learning how to communicate.  Play therapy is a therapeutic modality that is developmentally appropriate for children.  With most children, therapy looks different than what adult image therapy to be. Children do not come into the play room ready to talk, that is not going to happen.  Through play and with the use of toys, children learn, they process, and most importantly they communicate.  As a play therapist, I am attuned to the child and my job is to create a safe, therapeutic environment where the child will be free to express themselves fully.  Just like adults need a safe environment to help them feel comfortable to share their inner most thoughts and feelings, a play room and toys are tools to create that safety for children.  Play therapy is typically for children ages 3-10. 

If you are interested in Play Therapy for your child, please contact me by calling 817-980-7272 or email me at

child learn through play
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